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The digital future of maritime solutions


'The creation of a digital ocean to deliver greener and safer seas.'

'Forewarned is forearmed' - Vanguard Tech is a digital solutions provider. By using complex data sets, and with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), we provide an integrated service to the maritime industry and marine insurance market to accurately advise on, and subsequently mitigate, a wealth of risks including piracy, migration, narcotics, stowaways, incidents linked to war, marine mammal movements, and other facets of sustainability.

Through our online platform, or 'Digital Ocean', we offer several products, including our flagship service Digital Guard. This is supplemented by additional service lines like Cyber Guard, Life Guard, Green Guard, and Safe Guard to support the cyber, crisis, sustainability, and safety needs of our clients.

Using our unique and ever-growing set of data feeds, we can confidently advise vessels, crews, companies, and insurers of their risk profile, and offer technology-based solutions which ultimately help to reduce risk and the associated transfer premiums.

Vanguard Tech - the digital future of maritime solutions.

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Our flagship service - Digital Guard is designed to advise individual vessels and crews of their risk profile and proposed routing. This then allows us to advise on risk across a wide spectrum of maritime threats and hazards, and on how to minimise risk exposure, whether through absorption, mitigation, or transfer. 


Digital Guard works directly with the Master of a vessel to advise them on their vessel and routing risk exposures, from initial route planning throughout the complete voyage, to safe anchorage or port. 

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Data is the foundation upon which Vanguard Tech operates. Prior to reaching you, our data is scrutinised by our analytical team, who pride themselves on accuracy, and relevance. With backgrounds in multiple disciplines – including intelligence, crisis response, supply chain, cyber, sustainability, and security – our dedicated team of analysts are perfectly placed to maintain and grow our unique and ever-growing set of data feeds, and confidently advise our clients of their risk profile.


In addition to data, the analytics team offers a number of distinct products and services, including:


  • The Maritime Security (MARSEC) Weekly Report, which offers an easy digest of all maritime incidents and events reported over the week. In addition to maritime crime & piracy, the report encompasses advisories, and incidents relating to narcotics, war, conflict, and stowaways.

  • Port Risk Assessments for every port in the world. Our PSAs include a logistical overview, risk ratings, historical incident data, and standing advice.

  • Periodic infographics, which bring our unique datasets to life.

  • Bespoke reports, created specially to meet the individual needs of our clients.

  • Reach back to, and dedicated time with, members of the team, who are happy to engage with you on a one-to-one basis to ensure that your needs are being met.



The Vanguard Tech team bring together over 30 years' experience of commercial shipping and the maritime domain.  They share a passion for providing a new digital approach – the 'Digital Ocean' – to how the commercial shipping industry understands and then deals with maritime risk in its many guises. 

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